Technology + Healthcare = Jason Hope’s Future of Greatness!

Technology is a field that is not going anywhere and everyone has benefited from it. It grows every second to enhance how we do things, where we do activities, and much more. Jason Hope is in the midst of how the advancement of technology is here to stay for years to come. He is a visionary whose goals are to see the growth of the healthcare industry as well as our technical world become better each day. The combination of the 2 together makes it very possible for people to receive everything they need to perfect their health and pursue future ventures with technology.

Jason Hope has the perfect last name for those who may not think they have anything left in this world. He grew up in Tempe, AZ but knew something needed to be done to help his community. Jason Hope’s efforts via technology and investing shows what the future can be for all to receive great things from. He has a degree in Finance from Arizona State University and an MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business making him prepared for his passion to help others. Jason’s connection to the health industry comes from his desire for the future of rejuvenation of aging. In March 2018, he donated $500,000 to the SENS Research Foundation, a research center that employs regenerative medicine to treat the damages that cause age-related diseases. This includes Parkinson’s, cancer, lung and Alzheimer’s diseases which Hope wanted to show his support by giving toward the research. (

He started his career with a mobile communications company, quickly became a philanthropist and invested in startup companies. Jason Hope is a believer in giving to his community to make them better and to keep them knowledgeable of the growing world around them. For 8 years, Jason has been the main sponsor for the Battle of the Badges, Hope Charity Flag Football games. This is where the AZLEOS or Arizona Law Enforcement Outreach and Support community play flag football to raise money to assist local injured first responders. They have been very successful in raising funds to support families in need. (

Jason Hope has a great action plan to see everyone in his community prosper via wealth management and in their health. Nothing will stop him from making sure everyone is aware of what they can do to make themselves better- financially and physically.

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How Jeunesse Was Started

Jeunesse is a global company that has had outstanding success. In just a few years, the company became a global power in the industry. Jeunesse sells both health and cosmetic products for customers to use.

The founders of Jeunesse never dreamed that the business would become so successful. The company now sells products in dozens of nations around the world. Millions of customers enjoy using the products, and the company has a strong brand that people recognize.

Global Growth

Jeunesse is growing in numerous countries. From the start, Jeunesse was a global company focused on developing new business in multiple areas. Not only does this strategy increase sales, but there are also tax advantages for the business.

Sourcing Products

Some health and cosmetic companies develop cheap products for customers. Instead of taking this approach, Jeunesse wants to find manufacturers with the highest quality. Customers enjoy buying Jeunesse because they are confident the product will work and last for a long time.

Although Jeunesse does not earn high margins on the products, the company is profitable due to the volume of products sold.

Business Opportunities

There are various business opportunities when working with Jeunesse. The company has a direct selling program that has positive reviews from participants. For a small investment, participants can own a direct selling business.

Direct selling requires a lot of time and energy at first. Some people wrongly believe that direct selling is an easy way to make money. The people who are successful selling Jeunesse products are those who consistently sell to others. Some people even build a website to sell to customers around the world. Anyone who wants to make additional income each month should consider joining the direct selling program at Jeunesse. The company has a large support staff to help new members become successful.

Anil Chaturvedi Is A Reliable Banking Professional

Anil Chaturvedi is a top investment and commercial banker. Anil Chaturvedi has decades of experience advising and helping clients achieve the success they desire. Numerous business owners and organizations have reached their goals, simply by applying the tips and strategies provided by Anil Chaturvedi.

Do you want to receive top notch banking help from a reputable source? Want to have a reliable professional by your side? There are many banking professionals out there but it is extremely important to turn to someone who is well versed in the industry.

These days, there are many different banks and financial services firms out there to choose from. These institutions offer a wide variety of financial products and services to their clients and customers. Anyone who wants to achieve their goals should choose carefully. It is extremely important to consult an expert if you do not know how to select the right service for your needs. Look for a banking professional that comes highly recommended.

Anil Chaturvedi works closely with clients to ensure that they are making the right choice for their situation. If you are on the lookout for expert assistance with your investing or commercial banking needs, or if you need help with private banking issues, then you need to consult a professional like Anil Chaturvedi for proper guidance.

Numerous people around the world want to have access to excellent resources that will help them achieve their goals. When it comes to banking, Anil Chaturvedi and other renowned professionals are passionate about meeting the needs of their clients.

As a highly sought after banker, with great expertise in a wide variety of financial services, Anil Chaturvedi has access to industry resources and top talent that help entrepreneurs and organizations accomplish their objectives.

Whether you are looking for advice on how to save money or information on how to grow your investment portfolio, Anil Chaturvedi is the right banking professional to consult. Even if you want to know how to partner with an advisor or other investor, a knowledgeable investment banker or commercial banker can guide you.

The ER Doctor: Dr. Eric Forsthoefel

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has six years of experience of working in medicine. He graduated from the Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2012. He completely his residency in 2012 at the Louisiana State University. His specialty is emergency medicine. He lives in the Tallahassee, Florida area where he works as one of the twenty six physicians at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Hospital.

Working in emergency medicine means Dr. Eric Forsthoefel may treats patients with the following conditions asthma attacks, allergic reactions, strokes, heart attacks, respiratory issues, sprains and fractures. When treating the patient, the doctor thoroughly consults with patients over what issues they are having. He works tirelessly to try to relieve patients of pain or symptoms they are experiencing. When working with patients, the doctor does a great job of demonstrating how he cares for his patients health.

The doctor has always taken his education and career seriously. He continues to further his education by returning to school. Furthering his education allows him to offer more to his patients. Working with hundreds of patients weekly, allows him to see so many different types of cases. Seeing these situations and cases with his patients has caused him to develop a lot of experience. This experience serves him well but most importantly it serves his patients well. Patients visiting the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Hospital know that when they are in the emergency room they will be treated by an experienced doctor who has the education and training to really be their for his patients.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is growing in his medical career. He has proven that as a physician he is expertly trained and certified to diagnose and treat a variety of emergency medicine issues and symptoms. He works at an hospital that is the only hospital certified in trauma care in the region. So, if you ever need an emergency medicine doctor be assured that Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is qualified and will do his best to treat any and all patients that walk through the doors of the emergency room at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Hospital.

Logan Stout’s Newest Venture

Logan Stout is a man who has been involved in countless ventures over the years. They range from founding and leading a baseball team, to writing books, and even making television appearances. He is currently married and lives in Frisco, Texas where they regularly donate to local charity organizations. In recent years, he became interested in health and wellness. In May 2014, he founded IDLife, a company designed to help people improve their health. The website Ideamensch recently published an interview with Logan Stout.

The interview beings with an explanation of how IDLife was created. He recounts an experience from a book signing, where he got recognized by a doctor. That lead to a meeting with the doctor and the acquisition of a customized vitamin program. Ideamensch then asks about his daily life, to which he response how he likes to read and slowly get into the swing of things for the day. He later cites this as the key component to his success. Personal development is how one will best succeed as an entrepreneur.

The next set of questions where about Logan Stout’s opinions on various subjects. He strongly believes having brainstorming sessions with the people one trusts is the best way to generate ideas, and all ideas are useful in some way. He then says that if he could start over, he try to enjoy certain moments a little more. As with most industries, health and wellness is one with abundant growth opportunities. It takes having the right team of people to act on your ideas in influencing the industry.

There many kinda of entrepreneurs out there, but Logan Stout stands among the best of the best. His wide reaching portfolio of ventures has provided a wealth of insight into running a personal business. IDLife may have begun with a chance encounter, but its quickly became a force within the industry. As new ideas are born and implemented, IDLife will continue to remain relevant well into the future.

Take A Look At Former Veteran Ronald Fowlkes

Ronald Fowlkes is a lifelong resident of St. Louis, Missouri, and is currently employed by Eagle Industries Unlimited. Mr. Fowlkes works for Eagle Industries in two departments – commercial products and law enforcement – as the company’s one and only business development manager, a highly important position in which Ronald spends his time educating some 150 sales staff members, reaching out to high-value customers throughout the fifty states that make up our great nation, and ultimately picking and choosing what products are improved upon and sold at the company.


He didn’t just hop into the world of business out of nowhere

The United States of America is home to unarguably the strongest military across all 200-odd countries that constitute planet Earth. As one might imagine, serving any of the five central branches of the U.S. military – think Army, Navy, Air Force, and so on – is certainly more physically and mentally taxing than serving any other developed nation’s military force.

Mr. Ronald Fowlkes was a member of the United States Marine Corps for four years, his tenure beginning in 1989. He served in the Gulf War and even managed to earn two merit-based promotions throughout his short-yet-fruitful four-year tenure.

Further, Mr. Fowlkers also worked as a SWAT officer, a police force special unit that employs tactics very similar to that of the military, and as an official contractor through the Department of Defense.

Over the years, he helped build, setup, dismantle, and tote around valuable equipment for the U.S. Army in Iraq in the early 2000s.


How Dr. Saad’s Inventions Are Still Saving Lives

Dr. Saad Saad left a tremendous legacy for his peers in pediatric surgery. His legacy lives on due in part to his passion for his work, but also for some live saving medical inventions that he created during the course of his career. Having formed thousands of procedures on his pediatric patients, Dr. Saad saw not only how his patients would suffer, but he learned how they could benefit from better ways to do things.


While focused on his work in the moment, Dr. Saad was always thinking of ways that he could improve upon existing procedures. Considering that he was working in pediatrics, he was also interested in how he could reduce the level of pain and risk his young patients would experience. While working on two inventions along the way, he was also inspired to develop new procedures as well. Dr. Saad was called in often to execute some of the most complex procedures known in pediatric surgery. His expertise would make him well-known inside his community and outside of it as well. Although his busy schedule and career as a surgeon kept him inside the hospital, he was generous with his time. In addition to helping children in the Holy Land, Dr. Saad also traveled on four medical missions to assist patients that were unable to afford complex procedures that children in the West Bank would so desperately need.


While Dr. Saad holds the patent himself for two of the devices he created, there are a few very important devices that he wanted to improve. Medical catheters have long been a point of contention for young patients, and they are much needed in the world of medicine. Catheters can aid in many medical procedures, but generally they are used to get medication into the body. Additionally, these tubes are used during surgical procedures, but they are also used to drain fluids and eliminate gases. Although there are some that can be left inside the body, doctors need to ensure they have a way to locate them.


MRI machines are often used to locate catheters, but due to their lack of portability they are not convenient. They are also costly. Dr. Saad created a device specifically to aid in the location of catheters. This would make it easier for doctors but also for patients. Removing the need for a scan to a patient’s body, meant reducing the chance of radiation, as well as reducing cost to the patient for the use of the MRI machine.


Dr. Saad resides today with his wife in Redbank, New Jersey. He retired after 47 years as a pediatric surgeon, and has two adult children. Learn more:

Jeunesse Global experiences high growth throughout East Asia

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis had travelled throughout East Asia frequently. They fell in love with the region and its people, becoming enraptured by a foreign culture that seemed almost from another planet at times but that had a deep history and many great accomplishments. When Ray and Lewis founded their global distributorship and manufacturer of health and beauty products, it was this first-hand experience with East Asia that prompted them to focus their business efforts on the region. It was a bet that would prove to be wise.

When Ray and Lewis founded Jeunesse Global in 2009, they were no longer interested in acquiring additional wealth. The couple had been behind the formation of some of the most successful companies in the North American direct-marketing business. They already had enough money to last them five lifetimes. Rather than viewing their latest corporation as a means of wealth generation, the couple saw it as an opportunity to make a life statement and leave a lasting positive legacy on the world.

It was with this sentiment in mind that Ray and Lewis created the Jeunesse Global business plan. With up to six different income streams available to the firm’s distributors, Jeunesse Global’s salesforce is, perhaps, the best compensated of any direct seller in the world today. This has been especially helpful throughout the East Asia region, where the populations have been stifled for decades by the burdensome impositions of communist ideology. Ray and Lewis knew that giving the industrious and intelligent people of the region a strong means of realizing economic success would be a formula that few would be able to resist. They were right.

Today, the East Asia region represents Jeunesse Global’s largest market. And the growth there in the company’s sales has been nothing short of phenomenal. Many of Jeunesse Global’s products are subtly tailored to East Asian consumers. An example is the company’s NV foundation and bronzer, which can also act as an agent to lighten the skin, a practice that is almost universal throughout the region.

With continued growth throughout East Asia and one of the best compensation packages in the industry, Jeunesse Global has a bright future.

Sussex Healthcare, Living The Fullest Life

Sussex Healthcare is more than just a medical facility where the elderly and those with neurological conditions get expert care. It is a place that is beautiful with a staff committed to making sure all lives are worth living. For twenty-five years, this facility has worked tirelessly for its patrons.

The organization now operates 20 complexes under its name, from residential houses to daycare facilities and a gym with state of the art equipment. Each facility has a trained chef who prepares delicious and nutritious meals while also preparing meals for individuals with special dietary needs.

The joint chairmen, Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani, bring unique perspectives to their jobs. Sachedina is a former dental surgeon, and Boghani’s background is in hotel management. Together, they ensure top-notch medical care and a place residents can feel like they are appreciated, wanted, and challenged.

Sussex caters to those who need intricate round the clock care and those whose needs are more limited but still face significant neurological disorders. The patrons are both young and old.

Part of the mission at Sussex to keep its residents both active and engaged because these ensure the best outcomes, physically and mentally. Residents enjoy both social-focused programs to ensure activity and more personalized recommendations based on their preferences when they were more mobile.

Additionally, the organization also provide respite care. This allows in-home caregivers short breaks so their patrons can socialize with others in similar situations. Allowing for better mental health outcomes for both caregivers and those under their care. They also provide services for those whose medical difficulties are terminal.

However, the focus of Sussex Healthcare is those elderly patients with dementia. Those patrons are facing an especially trying time in their life, and the organization is dedicated to letting them live the fullest life they can while providing individualized support for their particular memory needs.

Sussex Healthcare is a unique organization focused on providing the best care possible for those with neurological and age-based issues.

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Sahm Adrangi Tells Investors “No” To Investing In Eastman Kodak

Sahm Adrangi is a well-known investor that has been very successful in the investment industry through his company Kerrisdale Capital. Sahm started the company with less than a million dollars to invest with, but today the company is worth more than 150 million counting all of their assets and investments. Becuase of this, Sahm Adrangi is often sought after for his expert advice and strategies for picking the right investments. Thankfully, Sahm is out to help his fellow investors and he even issues reports through Kerrisdale Capital discussing various companies and whether or not they are worth investing in.

Eastman Kodak is the company discussed in Kerrisdale’s latest report, though it is not a good one on Kodak’s behalf. This report discusses the many issues currently facing Kodak and the reasons why investors should stay away from the company for the time being. According to Sahm Adrangi, Eastman Kodak has long fallen behind the competition in the market despite being around for more than 130 years int he printing industry. This is because they have failed to improve the quality of their products over the last decade and their advertising has falling behind that of their competition. Facing bankruptcy around six years ago, Eastman Kodak was forced to file a chapter 11 to get their affairs in order or their company was going to fail.

Unfortunately for Eastman Kodak, their company is pretty much int he same state it was back then. Despite the company’s recent boom in share value, management has done nothing to reverse the current problems facing the company. Cryptocurrency is the culprit behind Kodak’s recent stock prices says Sahm Adrangi. Because of the instability of crypto markets today and the mixed backgrounds of the crypto groups Kodak partnered with recently, these stock prices are likely to dimish to less than what they were before the boom. Sahm is so sure of Kodak’s failure that Kerrisdale is currently standing on the short side of the market and will profit if Eastman Kodak’s shares drop in value.