A Day in the Life of Doe Deere, Founder of Lime Crime

It’s no secret that successful people find their mornings to be an important way to start off their day on a good note and Doe Deere is no exception to this general rule. Having a specific routine to follow in the morning is something that can be the make or break to having a productive rest of your day and the founder of Lime Crime certainly has hers down to a fine art.

Doe starts her days early by waking up at 8:30am without the need of an alarm to do so. She chooses to sleep an optimum amount of nine hours every night to ensure she’s in top condition to tackle the next day’s tasks without sleep deprivation being an issue. She believes that good rest is the key secret to her clear complexion and beautiful skin. Having a good built in clock is useful for accomplishing this. Before going to bed, she often tells herself to wake up at this specific time and it happens. This works out great for her since she considers herself to be a morning person who loves to wake up early on in the day to enjoy a healthy breakfast while mulling over the possibilities that the day could bring.

After waking, Doe Deere starts off by drinking a full glass of water. This can be attributed to the fact that she lives in Los Angeles, where the air is quite dry, so staying hydrated is important. Once that is out of the way, she continues with her morning stretches, her favorite stretch being the cat/camel stretch that goes a long way for keeping her back in top notch condition. Upon completing these stretches, Doe heads to the kitchen to make herself a good sized breakfast of grits and yogurt, some of her favorite breakfast foods. She also enjoys a nice, cold glass of freshly squeezed orange juice prepared from oranges grown on her own tree.

The calendar on her phone is very important to her and it, along with the direct chat to her team at the office, are the first things she checks in the morning. Doe Deere is also an avid Instagram follower. Her many emails are handled throughout the day so she can dedicate her mornings to thinking creatively without too much technological interference.

Doe Deere loves nothing more than enjoying music in the morning and spending time with her two cats, Chester von Battingham and Puffy Fluffles. She arrives to work around noon and after lunch proceeds with any meetings or daily tasks in running her company Lime Crime. She will typically end her day of work around six but will stick around until midnight if she has to, due to the dedication she has for the brand.

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