Brian Bonar Has Founded Many Small Business Money-Saving Solutions

Brian Bonar is the CEO of several companies including Trucept Inc., Smart-Tek Automated Services and the Amanda Company. He was also formerly the CEO of the Dalrada Financial Corporation and Warning Management. Bonar has spent his career using technology and new business ideas to help small and mid-sized businesses save money.

He’s one of the primary founders of professional employer organizations (PEOs), companies that enter into strategic partnerships with small businesses in order to help them focus on other activities. Brian Bonar is originally from the UK but spends most of his time now in San Diego, CA.

Brian Bonar chose mechanical engineering as his first area of study, and attended James Watt Technical School to get his bachelor’s. But he became interested in business and marketing, so he got his bachelor’s in that field from Strathclyde University and his MBA from Staffordshire University.

He put his technical expertise to work for IBM UK Limited for 17 years, and later took it with him to companies like QMS Management, Adaptec, Bezier Systems and other office equipment companies.

While he ran Imaging Technologies, he turned it into a full-scale service company with ongoing administrative support, installation technicians and proprietary software. Imaging Technologies also merged with SourceOne Group.

As CEO of the Dalrada Financial Corporation, Bonar started putting together comprehensive employee benefit packages. These include insurance plans, payroll and accounting services, tax compliance and services, 401k plans and other important functions.

As CEO of Trucept, he merged the company with Smart-Tek Automated Services to maximize efficiency and make tracking employee hours much easier. His PEO work also includes a stint at AMS Outsourcing, a company providing transportation and logistical services to other businesses.

Brian Bonar is also buying restaurants in the San Diego area and turning them into quality bistros and cuisines. One place he bought out was Bellamy’s in Escondido, a well-known restaurant with multi-cultural menus that’s a favorite of many visitors.

He’s also been putting work into the Ranch at Bandy Canyon, turning it into a vacation place with a lot of fun and tasty dining. Bonar has assembled quite a team to manage these restaurants, including an award-winning Master Chef of France, Patrick Ponsaty.

Between being the CEO of many of businesses, and investing a lot of time into his small restaurant empire, Bonar has his hands full.

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