The ER Doctor: Dr. Eric Forsthoefel

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has six years of experience of working in medicine. He graduated from the Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2012. He completely his residency in 2012 at the Louisiana State University. His specialty is emergency medicine. He lives in the Tallahassee, Florida area where he works as one of the twenty six physicians at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Hospital.

Working in emergency medicine means Dr. Eric Forsthoefel may treats patients with the following conditions asthma attacks, allergic reactions, strokes, heart attacks, respiratory issues, sprains and fractures. When treating the patient, the doctor thoroughly consults with patients over what issues they are having. He works tirelessly to try to relieve patients of pain or symptoms they are experiencing. When working with patients, the doctor does a great job of demonstrating how he cares for his patients health.

The doctor has always taken his education and career seriously. He continues to further his education by returning to school. Furthering his education allows him to offer more to his patients. Working with hundreds of patients weekly, allows him to see so many different types of cases. Seeing these situations and cases with his patients has caused him to develop a lot of experience. This experience serves him well but most importantly it serves his patients well. Patients visiting the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Hospital know that when they are in the emergency room they will be treated by an experienced doctor who has the education and training to really be their for his patients.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is growing in his medical career. He has proven that as a physician he is expertly trained and certified to diagnose and treat a variety of emergency medicine issues and symptoms. He works at an hospital that is the only hospital certified in trauma care in the region. So, if you ever need an emergency medicine doctor be assured that Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is qualified and will do his best to treat any and all patients that walk through the doors of the emergency room at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Hospital.

A Bright Future With USHealth Advisors

Narrowing down a career that you love and that can help you grow can most definitely be a challenge. Randy Hildebrandt from the beautiful state of Texas knows this all too well as he struggled to find a field where he could find fulfillment. His prayers were finally answered when he unexpectedly found USHealth Advisors.

Growing up in the sports loving state of Texas, Randy had dreams of becoming a professional baseball player. He played the sport in high school and imagined himself a star athlete like his idol Nolan Ryan. Things didn’t quite work out as he would’ve liked when an injury to the shoulder forced him to the bench. He said goodbye to baseball for good and made his way to A&M University for a degree in the promising fields of business and economics. He soon found out that these majors were not his passion and he made a decision to look for something else.

There are several job search platforms and Randy posted his resume online with the high hopes of finding a career that suited him. He was shortly contacted to sell insurance and to travel 200 miles away from his home town to attend the weekly meetings. Finding a mentor to teach him the ropes was the best thing he could’ve done. He gained invaluable skills that made him a top candidate for the Satellite Division Leader for USHealth Group’s USHealth Advisors. Visit USHealth Advisor Agent for more info.

Randy is currently one of the top leader at USHealth with a beautiful family to support his mission. Being a father, Randy finds much joy in making a difference withHOPEKids, a branch of USHealth’s HOPE program. With the Helping Other People Everyday program, Randy is able to help families from all over the United States. HOPE has also won recognition for assisting with refurbishing homes to donate to those in need.

Randy’s story is truly inspiring to anyone who has looked for a career that they can be proud of. All those interested in a rewarding career with USHealthAdvisorsshould take a look at their informative website.