Madison Street Capital Finalizes Major Transaction

Madison Street Capital, an international investment banking firm has finalized a transaction recently for more than $13 million dollars. The sales and leaseback transaction that was completed for WLR Automotive is now of the largest transactions that they have completed to date. WLR Automotive, a large auto detailer and car wash was seeking advancement in the Maryland area, and additional funding was needed in order for that transaction to go through. This is when the experts at Madison Street Capital stepped in to assist in the acquisition of funds, totaling $13.2 million dollars.


The actual company to fund the transaction was bank located in Texas, SCF Realty Capital. The transaction was deemed as a sale and leaseback type transaction. Charles Botchway, the CEO of Madison Street Capital was proud to announce this was completed, in hopes that they would continue to build their reputation as a trustworthy firm. Additionally, Botchway foresees an uptick in business with companies that are seeking funds in the millions. Madison Street Capital is no stranger to this level of funding and it was secured by Madison’s Senior Managing Director, Barry Petersen, and Jonathan Wolfe, the Managing Partner of STREAM Capital Partners.


The President and CEO of WLR Automotive was the first to say that that getting five locations under the sale/leaseback deal was critical for their expansion and financial growth for the future. The success of WLR Automotive has been a continued stream of revenue since the year 1987. At the time the industry was what many would refer to as industry-intensive. The company now has been considered a leader in their industry, now with more funding behind them to grow their business, WLR Automotive is reaching new heights.


The Madison Street Capital reputation is one that has continued to grow in all things positive, and it is no surprise that they also have a long track record of success in the banking industry. They are widely known for their commitment to integrity and serving all who call upon their firm for assistance in high-level investment transactions. The continue to help their local clients as well as all those who wish to expand on a global level. They are committed to helping large and small companies raise much needed capital to experience new growth and market opportunities.

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