Jeremy Goldstein, Modern Business and Legal Expert

Should you be needing to hire an attorney, or need one to replace a current or former attorney you’ve come to the right place. The New York Bar Association has just started a new online referral service. Providing convenience, cost and time savings, this service replaces the telephone referral service that was in place. The benefit to visiting their website at is that you can do it anytime day or night, and it’s quick and easy. Attorneys also love the service, as they’re able to reduce advertising time and costs, and able to focus on practicing law. A matching will be made based on the information provided. Should the client wish to continue, there may be a referral charge of just $35, however, this is sometimes waived. If a match isn’t made, the client will be referred to the proper entity or given a particular response as to why not.


Among the prominent attorneys available is Jeremy L. Goldstein, managing partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC. Goldstein comes from another firm also as a partner, bringing with him much experience and a huge track record of success. His boutique law firm specializes in complex and sensitive areas of corporate law, such as human resources issues regarding executives and corporate governance. Goldstein has wildly successful in representing some of the largest companies around in complex litigation and negotiations.


Jeremy Goldstein was well poised for success as he has a rather impressive educational background as well. Being a graduate of the New York University School of Law is a huge accomplishment unto itself. He’s also contributed to their law journal. Other achievements include contributions to Harvard University’s business department publication in the area of corporate governance. Goldstein not only has the right temperament for practicing law but also has great experience in business matters to complement his skills. It’s no wonder so many corporations trust Jeremy L. Goldstein with their business and legal matters, he’s truly a well-rounded master of his craft.


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