Sahm Adrangi Tells Investors “No” To Investing In Eastman Kodak

Sahm Adrangi is a well-known investor that has been very successful in the investment industry through his company Kerrisdale Capital. Sahm started the company with less than a million dollars to invest with, but today the company is worth more than 150 million counting all of their assets and investments. Becuase of this, Sahm Adrangi is often sought after for his expert advice and strategies for picking the right investments. Thankfully, Sahm is out to help his fellow investors and he even issues reports through Kerrisdale Capital discussing various companies and whether or not they are worth investing in.

Eastman Kodak is the company discussed in Kerrisdale’s latest report, though it is not a good one on Kodak’s behalf. This report discusses the many issues currently facing Kodak and the reasons why investors should stay away from the company for the time being. According to Sahm Adrangi, Eastman Kodak has long fallen behind the competition in the market despite being around for more than 130 years int he printing industry. This is because they have failed to improve the quality of their products over the last decade and their advertising has falling behind that of their competition. Facing bankruptcy around six years ago, Eastman Kodak was forced to file a chapter 11 to get their affairs in order or their company was going to fail.

Unfortunately for Eastman Kodak, their company is pretty much int he same state it was back then. Despite the company’s recent boom in share value, management has done nothing to reverse the current problems facing the company. Cryptocurrency is the culprit behind Kodak’s recent stock prices says Sahm Adrangi. Because of the instability of crypto markets today and the mixed backgrounds of the crypto groups Kodak partnered with recently, these stock prices are likely to dimish to less than what they were before the boom. Sahm is so sure of Kodak’s failure that Kerrisdale is currently standing on the short side of the market and will profit if Eastman Kodak’s shares drop in value.

Richard Blair And His Innovative Wealth Solutions

People look towards investment advisory firms in order to garner sound financial advice from them. This is because all want their wealth to grow.

According to Crunchbase, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has been offering top services to its clients so that they can grow and protect as well as manage their assets. Its founder is Richard Blair. Clients consider him as a resourceful partner as well as a worthy advisor. This is because Richard Blair is highly qualified as well as experienced. His certifications include CAS, CES, besides RICP and CFS.

He is the founder of Wealth Solutions that is based in Austin, Texas. The company is operating as a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm.

Richard Blair believes in following a proper financial process. He feels that everyone must have a solid financial plan that will allow them to pursue all their goals as well as realize their ambitions.

This is why he wants to arm the community in Austin, Texas financially. This would be achieved by providing them wealth management services along with retirement planning inputs.

His company Wealth Solutions is following a highly comprehensive methodology called the three pillar approach. With this, the firm is able to quickly discover the financial situation of their client.

They are able to assess their retirement needs too. Once the firm is equipped with this information, it becomes easy to devise a holistic plan that needs to be customized for each client.

The first pillar is all about helping the client to lay down their financial roadmap. Hence it would include their strengths, their desires in terms of goals, risk tolerance as well as their growth opportunities. This helps Richard Blair and his company to know where a client is coming from. It makes it easy to forge a financial roadmap for them to follow.

The second pillar is about developing a long-term strategy which can meet the investment needs of their client. This has to be tailored in order to fit the liquidity needs of the client and help him with his investment goals.

Richard Blair Wealth Solutions will reallocate and then manage the assets of the client in order to ensure maximum performance of the portfolio of the client while the market is suitable, and reduce the impact when the market is not doing so well.

The third pillar will include helping the client to meet their insurance needs. It would include long-term care along with life insurance and annuities.

José Borghi – Shining Star of Brazilian Advertising World

José Borghi is the name to reckon with in the business of publicity and advertising, and his career spanning over 25 years has seen him achieving some remarkable milestones. These achievements include getting prestigious prizes like ‘Most Awarded Copywriter’ by the Archive Magazine (1999), bagging 15 awards in Abril Awards, 13 Lions in Cannes, 11 Awards in New York Festival, 7 Awards in London Festival, 10 Awards in Clio and 10 Awards in One Show.

After completing his bachelor’s in Publicity and Advertising from PUC-Campinas, one of the most prestigious institutions in Brasil, Jose started his career by joining Standard Ogilvy in 1989. Going forward he worked with various marketing and advertising agencies, such as Talent, DM9/DDB and FCB. While working for these Ad agencies, he developed close relationship with other marketing talent, Erh Ray, with whom he worked on numerous benchmark and highly successful local and international projects, including for Parmalats, Mamiferos, Carlinhos, Honda, Volvo, Philips, Electrolux, Journal Da Tarde, Microsoft, and many others.

In 2001, due to his experience and chain of accomplishments in the field of marketing, publicity and advertising, he was given the position of President as well as Creative Director at Leo Burnett. During his tenure at Leo Burnett, he strategically handled various important projects, including that of Bank Boston and Frescarini. His Brazilian advertising campaign for Fiat during the same time helped Fiat become the market leader in Brazil, for the first time ever, and helped the company increase their sales and revenue manifolds.

Soon after, José Borghi along with Erh Ray, founded BorghiErh Creative Intelligence agency, which in 2006 merged with internationally acclaimed advertising agency Lowe, where Jose Borghi assumed the position of company’s CEO. In 2012, he was awarded exclusive chairmanship of Borghi/Lowe, which is now rebranded as Mullen Lowe, due to the recent merge of the company with US Ad Agency Mullen. Currently, José Borghi is the co-CEO of the MullenLowe Brasil Group along with Andre Gomes.

Many of his advertising campaigns have become case studies, which are being followed to help the new generation advertising professionals develop innovative campaigns and understand the dynamics of ever evolving advertising world.


Brian Bonar Has Founded Many Small Business Money-Saving Solutions

Brian Bonar is the CEO of several companies including Trucept Inc., Smart-Tek Automated Services and the Amanda Company. He was also formerly the CEO of the Dalrada Financial Corporation and Warning Management. Bonar has spent his career using technology and new business ideas to help small and mid-sized businesses save money.

He’s one of the primary founders of professional employer organizations (PEOs), companies that enter into strategic partnerships with small businesses in order to help them focus on other activities. Brian Bonar is originally from the UK but spends most of his time now in San Diego, CA.

Brian Bonar chose mechanical engineering as his first area of study, and attended James Watt Technical School to get his bachelor’s. But he became interested in business and marketing, so he got his bachelor’s in that field from Strathclyde University and his MBA from Staffordshire University.

He put his technical expertise to work for IBM UK Limited for 17 years, and later took it with him to companies like QMS Management, Adaptec, Bezier Systems and other office equipment companies.

While he ran Imaging Technologies, he turned it into a full-scale service company with ongoing administrative support, installation technicians and proprietary software. Imaging Technologies also merged with SourceOne Group.

As CEO of the Dalrada Financial Corporation, Bonar started putting together comprehensive employee benefit packages. These include insurance plans, payroll and accounting services, tax compliance and services, 401k plans and other important functions.

As CEO of Trucept, he merged the company with Smart-Tek Automated Services to maximize efficiency and make tracking employee hours much easier. His PEO work also includes a stint at AMS Outsourcing, a company providing transportation and logistical services to other businesses.

Brian Bonar is also buying restaurants in the San Diego area and turning them into quality bistros and cuisines. One place he bought out was Bellamy’s in Escondido, a well-known restaurant with multi-cultural menus that’s a favorite of many visitors.

He’s also been putting work into the Ranch at Bandy Canyon, turning it into a vacation place with a lot of fun and tasty dining. Bonar has assembled quite a team to manage these restaurants, including an award-winning Master Chef of France, Patrick Ponsaty.

Between being the CEO of many of businesses, and investing a lot of time into his small restaurant empire, Bonar has his hands full.

Chris Burch’s Wearable Technology Prediction

Wearable technology is the one of the hottest items right now. From watches to smart shoes and everything in between, people are jumping on the bandwagon of technology that can be worn on their person instead of carried around in their pockets. Throughout the years, wearable technology has become something that more and more people are turning toward for their technology needs. This is something that is going to be the biggest technology trend of the future and everyone should be waiting for it so that they are able to get the most out of it when more wearable technology comes around.

Chris Burch has played a major role in the fashion industry. As the co-founder of fashion mega house, Tory Burch, he has had the chance to see some of the biggest fashion trends come and go. He is able to often accurately predict the way that fashion will go and the choices that people will be making in the future. For this reason, he is confident in saying that wearable technology will be the next big thing in the fashion industry because of the way that people see technology now as a necessity.

Not only has Chris Burch been in the fashion industry but his creative company has also been a major part of the technology industry. He has collaborated with other companies to create the most fashionable looks for smart watches and given his input on the technology that people want to see in wearables. This is something that has given him a chance to be both a part of the fashion industry and the technology industry. He has been able to do a lot with both of these things and this has led to him having even more success and insight into what the future holds for both industries.

With wearable technology already making its debut on the fashion runways and the technology summits, it won’t be long before wearables are available for everyone to be able to use and to have with them. This is what the future looks like and people can expect to have things like apps embedded right into their clothing

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