Rocketship Education Aims to Offer Every Student the Same Quality Education

Rocketship Education charter schools provide a truly unique and new way to look at education and the role parents and the community play in education children. With so many public school failing students in low income and at risk neighborhoods, these children are being left behind with few options available to them. Over the year charter schools have made a breakthrough in being able to provide a quality education to children in neighborhoods where the public schools are unable to stay properly funded and face overcrowding.

Rocketship Education charter schools are built on the same principles as other charter schools throughout the country, but they add the element of parental choice and decision. Parents play just as much a role in deciding the type of education and even the choice of educators that their children will have once they are enrolled in the school. All teachers hired have to go through a vetting process that includes parents that sit on the hiring board, giving parents insight into what teaching styles are used and ensuring that teachers can relate to the different learning needs of their students.

Rocketship Education has been successful enough in the founding of its founding schools that it has begun branching out to other areas of the country that have been identified as most in need of quality education through programs similar to its own model. Parents, students, and educators are open and hopeful to the type of structure that the school provides, because it is something they have not seen available in their areas up until this time. By ensuring that the entire community embraces the school community Rocketship believes that each and every student and the families they come from have the chance for a brighter future where every child is given the same chance to have a quality education that they deserve.