Heal N Soothe: A Natural Alternative for Good Health Sense

Heal N Soothe aids in the reduction of inflammation to where the body can create and maintain the regeneration of healthy tissue. Helping this happen like your own natural production is what the Systemic Enzymes in Heal N Soothe can do for people not happy with the limiting effects and temporary relief of NSAID medication. We know that the temporary relief of inflammation only to have it return hours later, does nothing to fix the underlying problem.

It seems these days we are taking a large quantity of NSAID medication (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug). We, as a nation are prescribed them at an alarming rate. With Heal N Soothe there is no danger of addiction, liver damage or kidney damage. You are strongly urged to follow instruction and proper dosage to ensure your optimal results. Every product label is transparent with the exact quantity of each ingredient in every dose. To a lot of consumers this is an important asset because as people age we have to take other medication. Being up front about the ingredient list in an easy to read format helps us convey to our healthcare providers what supplements we intend to introduce to our healthcare regime.

Supplements do not work for everyone. That’s why we as consumers do our research and keep trying different avenues to relieve pain and inflammation. There is no one cure for everyone and we just want to improve our overall health. Among those with success rated Heal N Soothe very highly. Combining 12 herbs to help fight the decreased production in proteolytic enzymes in our bodies. Heal N Soothe ingredients aids us where food alone doesn’t isn’t enough to supply this level of benefit. For many of us it’s not an option to take a lot of time off from work when we have an injury or surgery. Benefits of these supplements aid in regeneration of tissue that helps hard workers and hard players get back into life.

As we’ve touched on before, NSAID medications are not long lasting and only temporarily relieve inflammation. This starts a cycle that if repeated for a lengthy time can lead to a host of other organ issues like stomach ulcers, liver damage and kidney disease. These medications do have their place just not for long term use. Turning to Heal N Soothe just makes good health sense.

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Philanthropic Efforts of Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is known for his work in real estate as well as for his philanthropy done through the Ada and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. Having been established 18 years ago, the couple started up the foundation to promote learning, help youth receive a better education, and to help them connect with their Israeli heritage.

The pro-Israel activist also co-founded the Israeli- American Council several years ago in 2007. The organization is working non-profit from its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. It is serving a number of regions such as Washington, D. C., Las Vegas, New Jersey, Arizona, Chicago, Boston, New York, Houston, Philadelphia, Florida, and Seattle as well. Adam Milstein is serving as the Chairman of the non-profit organization.

The philanthropic efforts of Adam Milstein fall into three main categories such as active philanthropy, life path impact, and philanthropic synergy. First of all, the Milstein Family Foundation donates and invests in programs, organizations, and projects. Their support is not only financial, but they also provide their personal services to move things forward.

The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation is also strongly focused on helping organizations that encompass the life path of the people they support. The Milstein family Foundation seeks out programs that are specific for childhood, adolescence, and the various stages of adulthood, and funds them in their efforts. Organizations with such programs make an impact on the entire life of the people they help which is a value of the Milstein Family Foundation.

The philanthropic synergy towards which the Milstein Family Foundation has been striving is a large aspect of its work. Adam Milstein actively seeks out worthy philanthropic organizations to provide funding to and to help them along their development. He caches and teaches them on how to amplify their impact and works with them towards shared goals.

Adam Milstein started living in the United States in 1981, moving with his wife. He established a career in real estate and became strongly involved in Israeli communities in the States. Adam Milstein holds a bachelor’s in Economics and a Master’s in Business Administration from the Universty of Southern California. Adam youtube channel

Video Visitation

The ability for inmates to visit with family and friends through video is now a reality thanks to Securus Technologies. Known as Securus Video Visitation, this technology allows inmates to visually communicate and visit with family members, friends, attorneys and all other visitors by using their mobile phone. This gives inmates who may not have seen their children for extended periods, the opportunity to see, hear and interact through video communication. Having this ability to share and experience life’s moments can bring new meaning to holidays and other special occasions like never before. With easy to use interface software, scheduling visits can be done from any mobile device or PC connected to the internet. The scheduling process involves the user to submit their information and photo identification electronically, which is than evaluated for system access. This platform also allows prison staff the ability to gauge and determine, which visitors to allow or restrict based on background information. In addition, integrated into the scheduling software is a time management format that ensures visits are only scheduled during available times.

Another benefit of video visitation is preventing or minimizing contraband from coming into a facility. Also besides providing a safe and secure method of visitation, family members avoid from being searched and waiting in uncomfortable lobby situations. There are so many advantages to remote video visitation from all perspectives, that this new technology is certain to become the standard for all correctional facilities in the future.