Chris Burch’s Wearable Technology Prediction

Wearable technology is the one of the hottest items right now. From watches to smart shoes and everything in between, people are jumping on the bandwagon of technology that can be worn on their person instead of carried around in their pockets. Throughout the years, wearable technology has become something that more and more people are turning toward for their technology needs. This is something that is going to be the biggest technology trend of the future and everyone should be waiting for it so that they are able to get the most out of it when more wearable technology comes around.

Chris Burch has played a major role in the fashion industry. As the co-founder of fashion mega house, Tory Burch, he has had the chance to see some of the biggest fashion trends come and go. He is able to often accurately predict the way that fashion will go and the choices that people will be making in the future. For this reason, he is confident in saying that wearable technology will be the next big thing in the fashion industry because of the way that people see technology now as a necessity.

Not only has Chris Burch been in the fashion industry but his creative company has also been a major part of the technology industry. He has collaborated with other companies to create the most fashionable looks for smart watches and given his input on the technology that people want to see in wearables. This is something that has given him a chance to be both a part of the fashion industry and the technology industry. He has been able to do a lot with both of these things and this has led to him having even more success and insight into what the future holds for both industries.

With wearable technology already making its debut on the fashion runways and the technology summits, it won’t be long before wearables are available for everyone to be able to use and to have with them. This is what the future looks like and people can expect to have things like apps embedded right into their clothing

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