Fabletics Keeps Growing With The Aid Of A Loyal Customer Base

The Fabletics brand is becoming increasingly popular as the top subscription-based activewear retailer in the U.S. and a growing list of nations around the world. Fabletics has grown with the aid of its co-founder and actress, Kate Hudson and the growing base of loyal customers dedicated to bringing more of their peers to the brand through the use of customer reviews. The use of customer reviews has become one of the most important parts of the marketing and Online presence of Fabletics because of the growing number of customers who only take the next step in completing a purchase when they can read verified Online reviews.


The figures behind the growing use of Online reviews and customer feedback being published Online has become one of the most important tools in growing the Fabletics brand for the future. By the end of 2017, Fabletics believes it will have completed sales revenues of around $235 million by the close of the year; much of the drive to purchase Fabletics clothing is being pushed forward by the prevalence of customer reviews attached to each product sold through the company Website. Independent studies have revealed the number of those willing to make a purchase Online is increased to 74 percent when customer reviews are readily available for research. Completing customer reviews and publishing them Online with attached star-based ratings can result in an increase in revenue of a reported five to nine percent in growth for each half-star increase.


As far back as 2013, Dan Ressler and Adam Goldenberg of TechStyle made the decision to create a subscription-based activewear brand which has grown to take a major market-share of the activewear sector. Alongside creating a range of high-quality activewear products, the TechStyle founders knew they needed a recognisable face for the public to associate with the newly created company; Ressler and Goldenberg quickly decided to attempt to attract actress and entrepreneur Kate Hudson to their recently established brand as they feel her enthusiasm and love for life was the perfect fit for their activity-based range of clothing.


Over the course of the last four years, Kate Hudson has become much more than simply a brand ambassador for Fabletics as she has worked with the executives of the company to make sure every item produced is of the highest possible quality. The creative side of any business often attracts its brand ambassadors, Demi Lovato has completed her own range of activewear designs for Fabletics but Kate Hudson has taken on many business responsibilities including overseeing budgets and the creation of a new customer service department.


The ability to follow in the footsteps of Kate Hudson is open to any potential Fabletics customer who wishes to complete the few small steps created to source the potential clothing any member may enjoy. Not only does the lifestyle quiz make it easy to find the best in activewear it can also inspire the living of a healthy and active lifestyle.