For a Safer Tomorrow

Security is a slippery slope to travel in the modern-day world. As technology continues to advance and becomes more sophisticated it becomes more difficult to monitor and to track what is going on and if any criminal activity is happening as a result of it. Within the prison system, it is particularly difficult, as state and federal funding make it difficult for Corrections Officers and police personnel to get the newest forms of technology to use at their disposal. Securus Technologies, one of the leading producers of security and communications technologies for the United States prison system, is currently working on a monitoring device that will put definitely change how these civil servants perform their duties. One of the main issues within the prison system is inmates smuggling in the cellular devices and using them to break the law outside of prison walls. Up to this point, the only way to monitor and remove this issue was to physically locate and confiscate such devices so that inmates could no longer use them. The issue with this method of removing such devices is that more can easily be smuggled into the system, especially within prisons and jails where security is not as tight as it should be. Securus Technologies hopes to redefine The methods that are currently being used and remove the ability to use these devices at the source.


This system is known as the wireless containment system and will act as a sort of net that surrounds a prison or jail. Whenever an inmate or someone on the outside of the prison attempts to make a call out or into the prison or jail it moves through this protective barrier. The operator of the system will be able to locate where the signal is coming from and will be able to either allow the signal to complete its course and go through or can cancel it. another interesting feature of the system is the ability for an operator to completely disable the device that the signal originates from, making it impossible for the device to work again. The disabling of devices I will make these cellular phones useless in the hands of inmates you wish to use them to continue to break the law.


He was unsure exactly when the wireless containment system Will be fully operational, although Securus Technologies is hard at work developing at the best that they can. Just like anything else, it’ll take additional time for installation and training of personnel, but when it is finally ready to begin operations the wireless containment system will undoubtedly do what it is intended to do. With Securus Technologies on the job, America’s prisons will become much better.