Logan Stout’s Newest Venture

Logan Stout is a man who has been involved in countless ventures over the years. They range from founding and leading a baseball team, to writing books, and even making television appearances. He is currently married and lives in Frisco, Texas where they regularly donate to local charity organizations. In recent years, he became interested in health and wellness. In May 2014, he founded IDLife, a company designed to help people improve their health. The website Ideamensch recently published an interview with Logan Stout.

The interview beings with an explanation of how IDLife was created. He recounts an experience from a book signing, where he got recognized by a doctor. That lead to a meeting with the doctor and the acquisition of a customized vitamin program. Ideamensch then asks about his daily life, to which he response how he likes to read and slowly get into the swing of things for the day. He later cites this as the key component to his success. Personal development is how one will best succeed as an entrepreneur.

The next set of questions where about Logan Stout’s opinions on various subjects. He strongly believes having brainstorming sessions with the people one trusts is the best way to generate ideas, and all ideas are useful in some way. He then says that if he could start over, he try to enjoy certain moments a little more. As with most industries, health and wellness is one with abundant growth opportunities. It takes having the right team of people to act on your ideas in influencing the industry.

There many kinda of entrepreneurs out there, but Logan Stout stands among the best of the best. His wide reaching portfolio of ventures has provided a wealth of insight into running a personal business. IDLife may have begun with a chance encounter, but its quickly became a force within the industry. As new ideas are born and implemented, IDLife will continue to remain relevant well into the future.