Malcolm Casselle Gaming Meets Cryptocurrency

Malcolm Casselle is an entrepreneur who graduated from Stanford University in 1995. Malcolm co-founded a media production company from 1998 to 2002. While in Hong Kong Malcolm was involved with joint ventures,one of them including Groupon. With the success of these joint ventures he was able to acquire the Chinese instant messaging and gaming giant Tencent. After numerous Ventures from 2012 to 2016 Malcolm became the new CTO president at New Ventures at Tronc. Since 2017 Malcolm has maintained the position as president at (OPSKINS).
Malcolm Casselle is considered one of the early investors in modern technology Malcolm Casselle is especially keen in technologies that are new and not developed. He was one of the early investors in the startup Facebook and he also participated as one of the first investors in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Eventually, Malcolm Caselle was the global leader in-game virtual currency thanks in part to his company (OPSKINS). Thanks to Malcolm’s Universal following he was able to basically lead the marketplace of all virtual assets, this in turn led to a virtual currency trading called (Wax) short for Worldwide Asset Exchange.
Just like other block chains or cryptocurrencies like Monero or Ethereum, Wax is a play to play marketplace for trading a virtual asset. These virtual assets are called Wax coins. Wax coins are vital for gamers because they prevent fraud and they could be used as currency that can be earned and used to buy items within the game itself. Players can also utilize these coins to earn, buy, and sell from other players.
In this day of modern technology, and all the misfortunes that come with fraudulent activity regarding crypto-currencies and micro-transactions,the Wax coin is perfect for Esport gamers and regular gamers alike. The Wax coin is imperative in preventing fraud and just like other cryptocurrencies these coins can be traded and sold around the world just like Bitcoin. It seems that Michael’s enthusiasm for emerging technologies has once again proven that he’s a man that stays ahead of the technological curve. With the emergence and popularity of cryptocurrencies Wax coin has the potential to dominate the P2P gaming market.