Sussex Healthcare, Living The Fullest Life

Sussex Healthcare is more than just a medical facility where the elderly and those with neurological conditions get expert care. It is a place that is beautiful with a staff committed to making sure all lives are worth living. For twenty-five years, this facility has worked tirelessly for its patrons.

The organization now operates 20 complexes under its name, from residential houses to daycare facilities and a gym with state of the art equipment. Each facility has a trained chef who prepares delicious and nutritious meals while also preparing meals for individuals with special dietary needs.

The joint chairmen, Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani, bring unique perspectives to their jobs. Sachedina is a former dental surgeon, and Boghani’s background is in hotel management. Together, they ensure top-notch medical care and a place residents can feel like they are appreciated, wanted, and challenged.

Sussex caters to those who need intricate round the clock care and those whose needs are more limited but still face significant neurological disorders. The patrons are both young and old.

Part of the mission at Sussex to keep its residents both active and engaged because these ensure the best outcomes, physically and mentally. Residents enjoy both social-focused programs to ensure activity and more personalized recommendations based on their preferences when they were more mobile.

Additionally, the organization also provide respite care. This allows in-home caregivers short breaks so their patrons can socialize with others in similar situations. Allowing for better mental health outcomes for both caregivers and those under their care. They also provide services for those whose medical difficulties are terminal.

However, the focus of Sussex Healthcare is those elderly patients with dementia. Those patrons are facing an especially trying time in their life, and the organization is dedicated to letting them live the fullest life they can while providing individualized support for their particular memory needs.

Sussex Healthcare is a unique organization focused on providing the best care possible for those with neurological and age-based issues.

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