The Achievements Of Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a well-established financial advisor and a business guru. Paul has been in the financial sector for the past 25 years. Mampilly schooled at Montclair State University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration in 1991.

In 1995, Paul realized he still needed to upgrade his skills for him to survive in the competitive financial world. He joined Fordham Graduate School of Business where he earned his MBA majoring in finance.

Paul Mampilly Career Journey

Paul began his career life on Wall Street in 1991 where he worked for Bankers Trust as the portfolio manager. After acquiring a wealth of experience, Mampilly earned himself prestigious positions at Deutsche and ING law firms where he managed hedge fund worth several million dollars. After realizing the potential that Paul had, Kinetic Asset Management hired him to manage their hedge fund worth $6 billion. During Paul’s tenure, Kinetic company assets grew to $25 billion with an average annual return of 26%. The tremendous growth was named by Baron’s as the “World’s Best” returns on hedge funds.

Paul Mampilly personal investments

Despite working with private entities he also help investors to make the right investment choices.Mr. Mampilly also has an incredible journey in his investment account. He takes his time to research and analyze the market trends before investing. In 2008, Mampilly invested in Netflix after realizing that the future of television was headed to streaming of videos online. He sold his state in 2010 for over 63% profit. In 2012, Paul invested in Sarepta Therapeutics while the company was in its initial stage of developing a drug to cure muscular dystrophy. After eight months he sold his shares for a profit of 2.5%.

Paul’s list of investments is endless. He enjoys investing in companies while they are in their initial stage and later sells his stake after a short period for profit. Paul has invested in several other companies such as OLED Universal Display Corporation, Stratasys, Ariad Pharmaceuticals, Facebook among others.

As time passed by, Paul became tired of working for the rich and wanted to be his own boss. He also realized that Wall Street used to work for the benefit of the rich people. Mampilly quit his job at Wall Street and embarked on a journey of becoming his own boss and helping the common citizen. He established Profits Unlimited, a startup that would help people from all walks of life make the right investment choices. Today, through Profits Unlimited, Paul helps more than 90,000 people to make the right investment decision.